High History: Why I love Scream so much!

Watch if you dare...and you better damn dare!!

Urban Legend

The Legend of Urban Legend revisited from a smoke filled room in the future.

Karnal Kombat Episode 8, The XXXena Chronicles

Not safe for work, unless your boss is cool.

Friday the 13th Q&A

Actor Larry Zerner, actress Tracie Savage, and art director Robb Wilson King came to Ho-rrorwood’s Egyptian Theater to discuss Friday the 13th Part III. Join Jason‘s friends in the Egyptian... if you dare!

Mr. John Easdale and Ms. Tuesday Knight

Dudes! This is Mr. John Easdale and Ms. Tuesday Knight joining forces to sing Rick's Theme Song (actual tit-le ;) from Nightmare on Elm Street 4 at the NOES 4 cast/crew reunion on 2/20/18! 

(Big thanks & hugs to all the awesome folks involved, and to everyone who tuned in to watch the live Q&A panel with me! xoxo :)

Karnal Kombat Episode 7: Freddy Krueger vs. King Dong

It's not a rhetorical question...

This Ain't Game of Thrones Vs. A Wet Dream on Elm Street

Even amongst two winners, there had to be a loser.

I Looooooooove Jill Schoelen!!

There aren't enough O's in the world to properly show my love...

Lady and the Vamp: Star Wars Edition

Which is which?

Karnal Kombat Episode 5: Buffy XXX

Featuring Sven the "Uncool" Vampire Hunter!!"

Karnal Kombat Episode 4: Scream XXX


Karnal Kombat Episode 3: American Werewolf in London xxx

Awesome, except for the title.  Can we really not do any better than adding three X's people??

Karnal Kombat Episode 2: Walking Dead Vs Friday the 13th XXX

Walking Head?  Friday the 13 Inches?  Really?  Nothing?

My Interview with Clint Freakin' Howard!!!

Nude Clint Howard and snow globes....need I say more?

Suck it.