High History: Why I love Scream so much!

Watch if you dare...and you better damn dare!!

Urban Legend

The Legend of Urban Legend revisited from a smoke filled room in the future.

Karnal Kombat Episode 8, The XXXena Chronicles

Not safe for work, unless your boss is cool.

Karnal Kombat Episode 7: Freddy Krueger vs. King Dong

It's not a rhetorical question...

This Ain't Game of Thrones Vs. A Wet Dream on Elm Street

Even amongst two winners, there had to be a loser.

I Looooooooove Jill Schoelen!!

There aren't enough O's in the world to properly show my love...

Lady and the Vamp: Star Wars Edition

Which is which?

Karnal Kombat Episode 5: Buffy XXX

Featuring Sven the "Uncool" Vampire Hunter!!"

Karnal Kombat Episode 4: Scream XXX


Karnal Kombat Episode 3: American Werewolf in London xxx

Awesome, except for the title.  Can we really not do any better than adding three X's people??

Karnal Kombat Episode 2: Walking Dead Vs Friday the 13th XXX

Walking Head?  Friday the 13 Inches?  Really?  Nothing?

My Interview with Clint Freakin' Howard!!!

Nude Clint Howard and snow globes....need I say more?

Horror High

This shit is legit!!