Podp-ass-t Episodes

Joe Bob and I chat with Ms. Honey Gregory, the very first Mail Girl from back in the Drive-In Theater days. We find out what she’s up to now, ask her your burning questions from Twitter, and find out if there’s any hope for a Mail Grrrl reunion...Four Stars! Honey and Darcy say check it out! 

(Kreepin' it -way too- real with some semi-serious talk about mental health stuffs)

Precisely 30 years ago the universe was blessed with one of the most important television series ever created: Tales from the Crypt!!! In this ep of Geek Talk, we attempt to pay tribute to one mankind's greatest achievements.

The latest ep in my sporadically airing lil' Pod experiment, Geek Talk...This time I feature Mr. Joe Bob Briggs. ("Ho-w'd you ever get him???", I'm sure you're ass-king yourself right now... ;)

Joe Bob Briggs, Take 2: The Briggining  

Gobble gobble, Fright Fiends! In this edition of GT, Mr. Joe Bob & I dish on the upcoming “Dinners of Death“ marathon (airing Thanksgiving Night on Shudder!), and recap some of “The Last Drive In” craziness that’s gone down since our last chat.  (#entertainment #horror #TheLastDriveIn #etc)

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