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Rest in Peace, Daimajin

It is with great sadness that we report the death of baseball player/actor Chikara "Riki" Hasimoto, who passed away on October 11th from lung cancer. Hashimoto played for the Mainichi Orions in the 1950s. He was forced to retire in 1958 following an injury and joined up with Daiei Studios. Under Daiei, Hashimoto portrayed Daimajin, a vengeful spirit who takes the form of a giant statue and is summoned to help those in need. We believe that the three Daimajin films are among some of the coolest giant monster movies ever made and that is in no small part do to Hashimoto's intimating presence. Even the best monster suit needs the human to truly bring it to life and Hashimoto made Damajin terrifyingly real. Daimajin's piercing eyes were those of Hashimoto, giving the stone beast the soul of a man.    

After Daimajin, Hashimoto acted in Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare, Gamera vs. Viras, and The Chinese Connection. In the later, Hasimoto appeared in the flesh and went toe-to-toe with the legendary Bruce Lee. Any man brave enough to face Bruce Lee and Gamera is clearly a man worthy of our admiration, especially if that man is the mighty Daimajin. Rest well, Hashimoto-san. 

Splaturday Mourning Cartoon

Ho-wdy, Monster Lovers!  We may have missed Splatterday Mourning, but it's always a Ghoul time for a CARTOON!!

Since we showcased The Addams Family last week, it's only fair that we ho-nor that other great family of fright, The Munsters! 

As we mentioned last week, The Addams Family have appeared in many cartoons over the years, with two animated shows to their name... but The Munsters were far less successful in that area. The Munsters was originally pitched as a cartoon, which makes the lack of Munsterous animation all the more shocking. Howl-ever, there is one groovy Munster 'toon out there and we've dug it up for all you fright fiends out there! :)

 Waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1973, the Munsters spooked their way onto The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie with a one-hour telefilm (later shortened to a half-hour) entitled The Mini-Munsters and it was totally Clawsome, in that '70s, Hanna-Barbera-like sort of way. I mean, it ain't high art, but it's loaded with corn-on-the-macabre humor and far-out Ghoulishness, and that's really all we ask of our beloved Munsters. The only real complaint I have is the total lack of Marilyn... but if you can forgive that, it's a scream.

It was intended to be a full-blown spin-off, but it didn't take off, which is a real loss for us monster geeks. We here at KH love the unholy heck out of this one and firmly believe it deserves another look. It's not as creepy, kooky, and all-together ooky as the '90s Addams Family Cartoon, but what is? If you love The Munsters, this one's more fun than a barrel of mummies!  Check it out below, Kinky Ho-mies!

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