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Joe Bob Briggs, Take 2: The Briggining

Gobble gobble, Fright Fiends! In this edition of GT, Mr. Joe Bob & I dish on the upcoming “Dinners of Death“ marathon (airing Thanksgiving Night on Shudder!), and recap some of “The Last Drive In” craziness that’s gone down since our last chat. 

Awesome Articles...Of Doom!!!

Things I Peeped with my Peepers (and phone)

Q&A with Joe Dante and John Landis at Mann's Chinese Theater.

Charlize Theron does a great Q&A at the Aero Theatre.

Nicolas Cage, Panos Cosmatos, Linus Roach, and Kevin Smith talk about the awesomely batty Mandy at the Egyptian Theater in Ho-rrorweird, Karloffornia. Check it out, kreeps!

Featured Article o'the Week

Remembering ...And All Through the House..., a Ho-rrorday Cl-ASS-Sick!

Ho ho ho! And what would you like for Christmas? Have you been a GHOUL little child? I hope so, for with the Christmas spirit all about us, the Ho-stess thought it would be fitting to give our article this week a little christmassy feeling! We delight in honoring the tales of Christmases both merry and scary, but it is our duty as purveyors of putrescence to ensure that your Christmas is a black one! Sinister Santa stalkers have long been a favorite among the champions of the creepy, and many have stocked our stalkings with enough Yuletide fear to last a lifetime. However, there is one Kringle kreeper that stands above the rest: ...And All Through the House...

...And All Through the House...  is a festive fear fable that first appeared in The Vault of Horror in 1954. (In the March of that year, if you can believe it!) Published by the lovely lunatics at EC Comics, the story is by Johnny Craig, the "wholesome" artist of the group. In classic EC fashion, the story is a morbid morality melodrama with a black sense of humor and a jolt at the end.

A contemptible, cheating woman murders her husband on Christmas Eve whilst her daughter eagerly awaits the arrival of one Saint Nicholas. Gloating over the apparent perfection of her crime, the woman prepares to clean up her mess when she hears a radio report on a madman in a Santa suit who escaped from an asylum. To her horror, the woman discovers that the not-so-jolly Santa is outside her house. Unable to call the cops due to the cooling stiff in her home, she desperately tries to keep the psycho away. Unfortunately for the murderess, her little girl lets Ol' Slaughter Christmas in, believing him to be the genuine article.

Good Lord. Choke.

Short, sweet, and scary! That's the way EC did it! Even in a library stories as vast and varied as EC's, the story stands out as masterpiece of micro menace. In 1972, anthology powerhouse Amicus adapted Craig's terror tale to the screen in Tales from the Crypt, the first film based on EC's horror comics. Directed by Hammer legend/cinematographer supreme Freddie Francis, the film is a mannered take on the material that substitutes the carnival sensibilities of EC with a more elegant sort of terror. Story #1 is a rather eerie adaptation of ...And All... that helped solidify the story's place in fright history. Joan Collins is excellent as the murderess and the killer Santa is terrifying... yet strangely pitiable. Choral Christmas carols play without end, giving this segment an ethereal quality. The film version is indeed a mighty marvellous adaptation, but it was not the last one...

In 1989, HBO proudly presented a terrifying trio of yelp-yarns that served as the pilot to their EC television series, Tales from the Crypt. Kicking things off right, the second episode of the show was a sickeningly stylish retelling of our beloved thriller. Unlike the Amicus film, this slayride is gleefully gruesome and comic-like in nature. Site favorite Larry Drake played the seasonal slasher as a gibbering ghoul, and his makeup is positively monstrous. Subtlety is thrown into the fire for the sake of lovably lurid shocks. It's not as classy as that first adaptation, but it's more fun than a barrel of mummies! 

As an early Christmas gift from us you, we've wrapped and gifted all three versions of the ..And All Through the House..., including a sensational fan-made motion comic of the original! Just our way of making your days Scary and Fright.

Merry Cryptmas!

Tales from the crypt episode

Original Kontent

Big thanks to the fine folks at  MasiMedia who got this shindig together, and also to Mr. Roger Jackson (pictured intro-ing a screening of the film in Stu's backyard!! :) who not only came out to party with us, but-t also left me this terrifying vm that I will treasure for the neXXXt billion centuries!! :) xoxo

The 2018 Dark Circus did NOT disappoint!!  It was going to be hard to live up to what I had told people about last year's, but I'm happy to report another five out of five, upside down crosses for this year's festivities.  Check out the video and see for yourself.  :)

A wee sample of some of the High-lights from this year's Endless Night Vampire Ball (Hell-A Edition, held on 2/23/18), which is always a freakily fangt-ass-tic event. If you're feelin' a bit o'fomo, have no fear, my lil' Kinkbots! The fine folks behind this evil event are also planning a wicked weekend in Vampy Vegas cumming up in April. Deets here if you're interested in getting your festive freak on. :)  

"I'll Sleep When You're Dead:  Part 1 of 64"

Do you love cats, cards, gatling guns, and Norm MacDonald but don't have time to watch them all separately?  My friend sensed this urgent need in the marketplace and vowed to fill it.  So enjoy the long overdue, "I'll Sleep When You're Dead".

My Interview with Clint Freakin' Howard!!!

(nude Clint Howard and snow globes...need I say more?)

High History:  Why I love Scream so much!

Karnal Kombat 

(remember to finish him)

This shit is legit.

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