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Nicolas Cage, Panos Cosmatos, Linus Roach, and Kevin Smith talk about the awesomely batty Mandy at the Egyptian Theater in Ho-rrorweird, Karloffornia. Check it out, kreeps!

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Movie Review - The Plague of the Zombies

Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy is completely and undeniably bonkers. Its story is rather conventional revenge fare, but the madness lies within its presentation. Nearly every scene looks like a particularly gnarly 1980s metal cover mixed with the viciously vibrant visuals of a Dario Argento picture. And the film wallows in crimson: crimson lighting, crimson skies, crimson blood, and even King Crimson. At times, the movie becomes a Heavy Metal-like animated feature and other segments feel like a 1970s Marvel horror comic in live-action. Mandy is a thoroughly bizarre picture that could have been a complete disaster. But fortunately for us fright fans, Mandy is FAR from a disaster. In fact, I'm willing to call it one of the best horror films in years. 

As I stated in the previous paragraph, the story is rather conventional. It concerns Red Miller and Mandy Bloom, a loving couple menaced by a bizarre group of murderous cultists. After having everything taken from him by the cultists, Red seeks revenge in grisly fashion... and that's about it for the plot. You've seen this story done in a gazillion 1970s/1980s thrillers. However, what makes this film so damn groovy is its atmosphere and mood. There just hasn't been a film this stylishly sinister in some time. Other modern films have attempted to capture the bizarro vibe of 1980s cult sin-ema, but this almost feels like the genuine article. 

The problem with most 1980s throwbacks is that they tend to mock the absurdity of the movies that they are paying homage to. Though Mandy is not without levity, it treats any potentially ridiculous element with a certain sincerity. It embraces the strange nature of these sort of genre films without feeling the need to wink at the audience. There are even some moments that are emotionally powerful. On top of that, Mandy is an absolutely gorgeous film. Each act of mayhem is handled with a painterly touch that brings beauty to the barbarism.   

For a film this out-there, you need an equally wacko lead. In Nicolas Cage, Mandy certainly has that. Nicolas Cage is always a fascinating presence on screen, but this is the best he's been in some time. Cage is genuinely heartbreaking in some sequences and bugnutty hilarious in others. This film is a showcase for both Oscar winner Nic Cage and cult icon Nic Cage. Everyone else is also excellent, including a brilliantly batty Linus Roache.

While it may be too early to say for sure, I feel that Mandy is destined to become a cult favorite. Masterfully directed and engagingly nuts,  Mandy is a one of a kind spookshow actioner. It's informed by the past, but it very much has its own identity. If you don't love this one, check your pulse! 

Kinky Horror: Orginal Kontent

The 2018 Dark Circus did NOT disappoint!!  It was going to be hard to live up to what I had told people about last year's, but I'm happy to report another five out of five, upside down crosses for this year's festivities.  Check out the video and see for yourself.  :)

Kinky Horror: Orginal Kontent

Leprechaun Q & A with writer/director Mark Jones and Mr. John Sanderford (aka The DILF from the OG movie) from St. Paddy's Fears and Beers (a rad event from the fine folks over at Screamfest)

A wee sample of some of the High-lights from this year's Endless Night Vampire Ball (Hell-A Edition, held on 2/23/18), which is always a freakily fangt-ass-tic event. If you're feelin' a bit o'fomo, have no fear, my lil' Kinkbots! The fine folks behind this evil event are also planning a wicked weekend in Vampy Vegas cumming up in April. Deets here if you're interested in getting your festive freak on. :)  

"Suck it!! " (aka High-light's from last year's Endless Night LA Vampire Ball)

"I'll Sleep When You're Dead:  Part 1 of 64"

Do you love cats, cards, gatling guns, and Norm MacDonald but don't have time to watch them all separately?  My friend sensed this urgent need in the marketplace and vowed to fill it.  So enjoy the long overdue, "I'll Sleep When You're Dead".

My Interview with Clint Freakin' Howard!!!

(nude Clint Howard and snow globes...need I say more?)

High History:  Why I love Scream so much!

Karnal Kombat 

(remember to finish him)

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