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After the premiere of AMC Visionaries: Eli Roth's History of Horror at Beyondfest; Eli Roth, William Lustig, and Leigh Whannell discuss Maniac.

Nicolas Cage, Panos Cosmatos, Linus Roach, and Kevin Smith talk about the awesomely batty Mandy at the Egyptian Theater in Ho-rrorweird, Karloffornia. Check it out, kreeps!

Q&A Featuring Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero

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Ho-rror Hero Hall o' Infamy: Bela Lugosi - Mr. Dracula

Dracula cannot die; everyone knows this.Stake through the heart? A mild setback. Sunlight? Bad for his complexion... but nothing that a few drops of blood won't clear up. He may appear dead for a short while, but the Count never stays down for the count. Though many factors can be attributed to the dark one's longevity, there is one man whose inimitable performance secured Drac's place in pop culture history for the remainder of time: Bela Lugosi.

Now, that's not to say that Dracula wouldn't have done fine without Lugosi, but it's his iconic performance that created Dracula as we know him today: urbane, aristocratic, exotic,and noble. When one is asked to do a "Dracula" impression, it's almost always some variation of Lugosi's Hungarian accent. His musical voice is as synonymous with Dracula as coffins and bats. Many have illustrated Dracula, and they usually depict him as a stately, clean-shaven figure in formal wear and a cape, an image that resembles Lugosi more than Bram Stoker's description. To a good many, Lugosi is Dracula.

The man who would be Bela Lugosi came into the world as Bela Ferenc Dezso Blasko. He was born in Lugos, Hungary and would borrow the name of his birth city as his stage name. Lugosi's acting career began in 1902, and he made his film debut in 1917. Despite being something of a leading man onstage, Bela was a supporting player in films for most of his early career. He continued his theater work, landing the titular role in a 1927 Broadway play that would put him on the path to immortality: Dracula.

A total graveyard smash, Dracula remained on Broadway for a full year, then toured the country for another two. Surprisingly, Lugosi was not Universal's first choice for their adaptation of the play. Instead, they wanted Lon "Phantom of the Opera" Chaney to don the cape. Chaney was indeed a logical choice for the role, but he unfortunately passed away before filming began. After considering many, many actors for the part, Universal eventually settled with Lugosi. So desperate to bring his Dracula to film, Lugosi accepted a meager salary for his work.

Lugosi may not have been the first choice, but he was unequivocally the right one. In no time at all, Dracula became a monumental success for Universal. In the wake of Dracula's triumph, Lugosi gave cinema a parade of ghoulish performances: the zombie master in White Zombie, the broken-necked Ygor in Son of Frankenstein and Ghost of Frankenstein, the monster himself in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, several vampires, many insane doctors, and plenty of madmen. Through these macabre characters, Lugosi became a legend of fright and remains a king to lovers of the bizarre. 

Thousands of skilled actors have tackled Dracula, but few resonate with horror fans the way Lugosi has. He is to Dracula what Sean Connery is to James Bond or Basil Rathbone is to Sherlock Holmes. As long as folks are still doing their "Dracula" impressions and giving us elegantly-dressed Counts, Bela Lugosi cannot die. 

Our Officially Official Ho-wl-oween Playlist

Halloween Voodoo Spook Show Song-O-Rama in Shock Sound A Go-Go!!

Original Kontent

Just because it was 30 years ago, don't think you're off the hook you cat eating bastard.  So I suggest you make piece with your Melmacian gods, because judgement is coming...

The 2018 Dark Circus did NOT disappoint!!  It was going to be hard to live up to what I had told people about last year's, but I'm happy to report another five out of five, upside down crosses for this year's festivities.  Check out the video and see for yourself.  :)

A wee sample of some of the High-lights from this year's Endless Night Vampire Ball (Hell-A Edition, held on 2/23/18), which is always a freakily fangt-ass-tic event. If you're feelin' a bit o'fomo, have no fear, my lil' Kinkbots! The fine folks behind this evil event are also planning a wicked weekend in Vampy Vegas cumming up in April. Deets here if you're interested in getting your festive freak on. :)  

"Suck it!! " (aka High-light's from last year's Endless Night LA Vampire Ball)

"I'll Sleep When You're Dead:  Part 1 of 64"

Do you love cats, cards, gatling guns, and Norm MacDonald but don't have time to watch them all separately?  My friend sensed this urgent need in the marketplace and vowed to fill it.  So enjoy the long overdue, "I'll Sleep When You're Dead".

My Interview with Clint Freakin' Howard!!!

(nude Clint Howard and snow globes...need I say more?)

High History:  Why I love Scream so much!

Karnal Kombat 

(remember to finish him)

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