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Comic Book Review: The Walking Dead Vol 4. – The Heart’s Desire

(Submitted by Prince Adam...Thanks, Super Fiend! :) xo)

“Life in the prison starts to get interesting for Rick Grimes and the rest of our survivors. Relationships heat up, fizzle out, and change entirely almost overnight. By the end of this volume, relationships between key characters are radically changed, setting the stage for future events in "The Walking Dead.” 

After the cliff-hanger that was volume 3, this book started with high octane tension and never lets up. Rick and the survivors are being held at gunpoint, by Dexter and the inmates we met last volume.  This standoff is interrupted by a group of zombies getting accidentally freed from Cell Block A.  As the zombies attack the penitentiary yard, Team Grimes and Team Dexter must team up to kill the zombies.  During the fight, Dexter warns Rick that this changes nothing and that when this threat is over, Rick and company will be forced out to fend for themselves.  Sensing an opportunity and for the future safety of his crew, Rick shoots Dexter in the head killing him.  Though, he uses all the chaos from the attack to claim that Dexter got hit with a stray bullet.  Despite this, Rick’s post zombie attack BFF Tyreese, saw what really happened and kept it to himself.  As the battle on the inside of the gates rages on. The other side of the gate sees Otis, returning, after having stayed behind to tend to the Greene Family Farm.  He too is a attacked by Roamers lurking  on the outside of the wall.  He is saved by a mysterious new cast member named Michonne, who kills the zombies, saving Otis. When all the fighting on both ends of the gates is over, Otis vouches for Michonne and she is granted entry into the penitentiary.  What’s interesting about these opening scenes is that they are both key to the events of last volume and integral to the third act of this volume.  By killing Dexter, Rick has broken his rule against killing fellow members of the group, who are not zombified.  If you kill a fellow survivor, the punishment is exile and death.  If the group found out about Rick breaking his own rule, chaos would ensue, so he and Tyreese keep it quiet.  When the group takes in Michonne, they do it under the stipulation that she relinquish her weapons and sleep locked in a cell.  This is an important plot point for me because these precautions being taken, suggests that the group is learning from past experiences.  Honestly, had they let Michonne in with her weapons and had given her free roaming privileges, after what happened last volume, I would have lost faith in the intelligence  and competence of these characters.  While on a cleaning duty of the prison, Allen is attacked and bit by a hiding zombie.  After being carried out to the yard, Rick decides to amputate Allen’s leg hoping to ultimately save his life.  This decision is made as a direct result of last volume, when Tyreese’s daughter committed suicide and turned into a zombie, despite not being bitten.  As a result, Rick, Dale, Tyreese & Axel decided, that the bite would kill him, but if the leg is amputated, there’s a chance infection won’t spread, Allen, would live and forego turning into a zombie. I loved this brief bit of hope, even though Allen ultimately died and was later shot, to prevent zombification.  This death bummed me out, because Allen went from happy, to depressed following his wife's death.  He was finally turning a corner in the last book, living and rejoining society for the sake of his kids, only to ultimately die.  That sucked, but his death was a great emotional gut punch in the story.

I’ve got to be honest, this book does have a soap opera element to it, with Tyreese, Carol and Michonne.  When Michonne arrives, she instantly connects with Tyreese and they bond over their love of football and the fact Tyreese once played for the Falcons. (#SuckItFalcons, #PatsNation 4 Life) When Michonne sees Tyreese struggling to terms with Allen’s death, she seduces him and gives him a blowjob,  Does this sound like an outline to a Naughty America scene to anyone else, or is it just me? Anyways, Carol catches them and attempts to commit suicide by slitting her wrists.  She was found in time and ultimately saved.  When Rick finds out that Tyreese and Michonne's affair led to Carol’s predicament, he confronts Tyreese and indicates that if Carol dies, he will essentially have killed her, just like he killed Chris, his daughters boyfriend.  Tyreese becomes incensed by Rick’s comments and throws the murder of Dexter in Rick’s face.  The two begin fighting, when Rick falls from one cell block floor to another.  The fall leaves Rick wounded for several days,  When he comes to, the group has decided that given his decision to kill Dexter, coupled with his recent behavior, it was time to change leadership. Instead of 1 person making all the decisions, there will be a group of four co-leaders comprised of Rick, Tyreese, Dale and Hershel.  When he tries to explain his actions to the group, they accuse him of acting like a savage and they don’t want the group to devolve into savagery.  The book ends with Rick warning the group that they have to act like savages to survive.  He concludes, his rousing speech by sating; "You think we hide behind walls to protect us from the walking dead?! Don't you get it?! We are The Walking Dead!" You know, I never thought about it like that before, but this statement is 100% true.  I just don’t see any positive outcome for our survivors at this point.  I really enjoyed the friendship between Rick and Tyreese but with both men having to deal with immense stress and the loss of loved ones over the last couple volumes, it was natural that their sanity, composure, and friendship would break.  I like that his schism has been building over a series of storylines.  When Rick and Tyreese are fighting, you really get the sense they could kill each other.  Even after the fight, by books end, they’re still at odds and barely speaking to each other.  The writers and directors of Captain America Civil War should take note.  That's how you handle such a schism between two friends who came to near death blows.  Not that Disney-fied bullshit, where Steve Rogers writes a letter to Tony Stark, telling him he’ll still be their if he ever needs him, after almost driving a shield through his chest.

Charlie Adlard once again provides art for this story.  Michonne beheading and impaling zombies with her Katana, is definitely some of the most awesome imagery from this volume.  Seeing Roamer Zombies grouped together and pressed up against the gate of the penitentiary, is one creepy as F**k visual.  And the fact that the book often transitions back to it, always keeps me on edge.  I’ve often wondered what this book would look like in color but the more I think about it, the more I think it would lose the frightening factor if it was in color.  The pages where they amputate Allen’s leg had a very suspenseful, gripping, and queasy quality to it.  The way they focused on the axe, when they cut away from the scene and how much blood they showed, made the scene very tense and harrowing.  I love the way Charlie Adlard draws a fight.  His close ups and detail on punches and the faces getting punched, put you in a P.O.V. perspective of the fight.  I would love to see him take on a Justice League story arc, or a Superman Vs. Darkseid battle.  The only thing that looked weird, was Tyreese’s face when he was getting a bow job. I couldn’t tell if he was enjoying it, or was secretly constipated.

Four volumes in to this Walking Dead Saga, I think this is my favourite volume to date. I love the new members being brought into the group, the evolving relationships that are occurring and the constant changing dynamics within the book.  Rick seemingly reaching his breaking point and change in perspective, really is a game changer for the direction of this book.  It keeps the book from getting stale.  I can’t predict what will happen next but that’s a good thing because I’m dying to find out what that is! 

Ho-wdy, Ho-rror Ho-mies

The fear of the year is here! Today’s post is presented to you in CASTLERAMA! Consult your doctor! Bring your seat belts! Can your heart withstand the shocking terror of…  #ThrowbackThursday?!

We here at Kinky Ho-rror live by the teachings and wisdom of William Castle, the screen’s no. 1 shock expert! Castle was (in)famous for employing gags and gimmicks to sell his fright fare and turning the film-going eXXXperience into a circus! He was the P.T. Barnum of Terror! The Baron of Ballyhoo! The Master of Ho-llywood Ho-rror! Castle never forgot that making audiences shriek can be a Hell of a good time!

In ho-nor of Master Castle, we present to you a shock-filled double feature of ghastly lobby spots that were played in theaters at the time to promote the films. Both are totally rad, but The Tingler one is a miracle! It features the voice of the great Vincent Price and a weirdo little song that just HAS to be heard to be believed! Listen to them below, Kreeps! :)

Splatterday Mourning Cartoon: Little Shop - I Loathe a Parade

Ho-wdy, Kartoon Kreeps!

It’s a mean, green Splatterday Mourning at Kinky Ho-rror, and we’ve planted a florid fright funny for all you cool ghouls and groovy ghoulies out there! Based on the off-broadway musical Little Shop of Horrors (which was based on the 1960 Roger Corman film The Little Shop of Horrors), it’s Little Shop!!

Yes indeedy! Someone out there saw that musical about a psycho chopping up people to feed an alien plant and thought it was perfect material for a kid’s cartoon! Sure, there’s significantly less murder here, but it’s still a bizarro choice. In this cartoon, Audrey II (Junior here) is a benevolent creature, not the man-eating monster we all know and love. And he raps! Oh God, he raps! It’s... disturbingly ‘90s.

Admittedly, Little Shop is not very good, but it is a fascinating  relic from the early '90s. It’s basically a “hip” peanuts with a monster in place of Snoopy. The cartoon is strange enough to be decently entertaining, but it's far more interesting as a part of monster history than a cartoon in its own right. If you are a fan of the musical or the Corman film, this one’s worth a view.

Check out the plant-based madness below, Kreeps!

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